Last Girl On Earth

Why don't you let me love you?... she said
Because I do not deserve you, he answered

If this is the only life we got... should I live it like a star,
a butterfly or a fan?

What goes through my mind?
Am I alright?
They say I'm crazy but aren't we all?
They call me crazy, I think the best people are.

I do not recall being here... everything is so red
so what about the white?
This is so confusing... I've always lived my life in black.

I think this is just an illusion, it makes me want to shout.
Am I the last girl on Earth?

2 comentarios:

  1. you are a star so fly as a butterfly!.. you are always right. Let yourself get crazy so you can see all the colors... shout and realize this is not an illusion.. THIS IS LIFE